Connecticut CRNA Schools

Connecticut has 4 CRNA schools

CT CRNA schools                connecticut CRNA schools

There is a good concentration of CRNA schools in Connecticut and some great places to get to get an education to become a Nurse Anesthetist . Here you will find a list of all the CT schools and the requirements you need to get accepted to Anesthesia school.


Connecticut CRNA Schools:

  1. Fairfield University and Bridgeport Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program
  2. Hartford Anesthesiology Associates Nurse Anesthesia Program
  3. Quinnipiac University Nurse Anesthesia Program
  4. Yale-New Haven Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia

Connecticut has a good mixture of Nurse Anesthesia Programs compared to the size of the state which is  the third smallest state by area. Although it is one of the smallest in land it is one of the most populous (29th) and the 4th most densely populated. Much of the land in Connecticut southern and western borders ( which includes the majority of Connecticut’s population) is considered to be a  part of the New York metropolitan area. Attending a CRNA school in this state can guarantee that you will not have any trouble finding nice short adventures to go into New York city or head north to Boston.